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Solenoid Switch Manufacturer in Taiwan for over 36 Years

Get out of your comfort zone and continuously improve!


In October 2019, the company’s original name, ChiangBin Enterprise Co., Ltd., which had been in use for 35 years, was officially renamed ChiangBin Electronic Co., Ltd.


Beginning in 2020, our sales department has been using the Enterprise Information Portal (hereafter EIP) for internal work improvement. Moreover, we expect to implement EIP in all departments in 2021.

Regarding customer service upgrades, we have successfully set up the Electronic Data Interchange (hereafter EDI) to support our leading automotive customers. CB and client information are thus synchronized, and the data is protected and confidential, which is crucial to protecting the client and improving the work efficiency of both parties.


In the third quarter, we will introduce robotic arms to assemble semi-finished starter solenoids and DC contactors. This operation solves the process that is most prone to work fatigue.


At the same time, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CB will continue to locate products that help customers protect themselves and maintain normal working conditions. You will find these products in the “CAREBOX.

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ChiangBin Corporate Office

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ChiangBin Image Video

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